08:30-09:00Opening CeremonyCrystal Ballroom
09:00-09:50Keynote Speech I
Semantic Mapping for Mobile Robots
Henrik I. Christensen, University of California, San Diego, USA
Crystal Ballroom
09:50-10:10Coffee Break
10:10-11:50Plenary Panel Session
AI and VR

Craig Dietrich, Occidental College, USA
Koji Morishita, NEC Solution Innovators Ltd., Japan
Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz, RUST Ltd. and USC, USA

John Crawford, University of California, Irvine, USA
Gary Glesener, Virginia Tech, USA
David Krum, University of Southern California, USA
Crystal Ballroom
11:50-13:00Lunch (on your own)
13:00-13:50Keynote Speech II
Automation vs. Augmentation: Socially Assistive Robotics and the Future of Work
Maja Mataric, University of Southern California, USA
Crystal Ballroom
14:00-14:50Keynote Speech III
High Fidelity Simulations: The Critical Path to Real-World Robotics
Ashish Kapoor, Microsoft Research, USA
Crystal Ballroom
14:50-15:10Coffee Break
15:10-16:50Parallel Sessions (1)
IRC(1) Software Architectures (I)
Session Chair: Piergiuseppe Mallozzi

Improving Code Quality in ROS Packages using a Temporal Extension of First-order Logic
David Come, Julien Brunel and David Doose

A Computational Framework for Complementary Situational Awareness (CSA) in Surgical Assistant Robots
Preetham Chalasani, Anton Deguet, Peter Kazanzides and Russell Taylor

Gilbreth: A Conveyor-belt Based Pick-and-sort Industrial Robotics Application
Yizhe Zhang, Lianjun Li, Michael Ripperger, Jorge Nicho, Malathi Veeraraghavan and Andrea Fumagalli

Model-Based Performance Testing for Robotics Software Components
Johannes Wienke, Dennis Wigand, Norman Köster and Sebastian Wrede

A Build System for Software Development in Robotic Academic Collaborative Environments
Daniele E. Domenichelli, Silvio Traversaro, Luca Muratore, Alessio Rocchi, Francesco Nori and Lorenzo Natale
Platinum Room
IRC(2) Path Planning and Robot Navigation (I)
Session Chair: Titas Bera

Interval-arithmetic-based Trajectory Scaling and Collision Detection for Robots with Uncertain Dynamics
Michael Wagner, Stefan Liu, Andrea Giusti and Matthias Althoff

Autonomous Quadrotor 3D Mapping and Exploration Using Exact Occupancy Probabilities
Evan Kaufman, Kuya Takami, Zhuming Ai and Taeyoung Lee

Efficient Decentralized Collaborative Mapping for Outdoor Environments
Luis Contreras, Olivier Kermorgant and Philippe Martinet

Laser-based Control Law for Autonomous Parallel and Perpendicular Parking
David Pérez Morales, Olivier Kermorgant, Salvador Domínguez Quijada and Philippe Martinet

Multimodal Central Place Foraging
Nicholas Dolan-Stern, Kevin Scrivnor and Jason Isaacs
Garnet Galley
IRC(3) Task Planning and Multi-robot Systems
Session Chair: Chase Frazelle

Sound Identification for Fire-fighting Mobile Robots
Elizabeth Baum, Mario Harper, Ryan Alicea and Camilo Ordonez

Multi-robot Scheduling and Path-planning for Non-overlapping Operator Attention
Sebastian Zanlongo, Franklin Abodo, Philip Long, Taskin Padir and Leonardo Bobadilla

Integrating Reactive Behavior and Planning: Optimizing Execution Time through Predictive Preparation of State Machine Tasks
Andreas Schierl, Alwin Hoffmann, Ludwig Nägele and Wolfgang Reif

Utilizing Fog Computing for Multi-Robot Systems
Nader Mohamed, Jameela Al-Jaroodi and Imad Jawhar
Slate Room
17:00-18:00Parallel Sessions (2)
IRC(4) Software Architectures (II)
Session Chair: David Come

Flexible Image Acquisition Service for Distributed Robotic Systems
Oleksandr Semeniuta and Petter Falkman

A Model Driven Approach for Eased Knowledge Storage and Retrieval in Interactive HRI Systems
Norman Köster, Sebastian Wrede and Philipp Cimiano

A Reference Architecture for Deploying Component-based Robot Software and Comparison with Existing Tools
Nico Hochgeschwender, Geoffrey Biggs and Holger Voos
Platinum Room
IRC(5) Path Planning and Robot Navigation (II)
Session Chair: Evan Kaufman

Model-based Development of QoS-aware Reconfigurable Autonomous Robotic Systems
Davide Brugali, Rafael Capilla, Raffaela Mirandola and Catia Trubiani

Reuleaux: Robot Base Placement by Reachability Analysis
Abhijit Makhal and Alex K. Goins

Computer Vision Based Robust Steering Angle Calculation for Autonomous Vehicles
Ranjith Rochan, Aarthi Alagammai and Sujatha Jagannath
Garnet Galley
IRC(6) Formal Methods for Analysis and Design
Session Chair: Andreas Schierl

A Data-driven Deployment Approach for Persistent Monitoring in Aquatic Environments
Tauhidul Alam, Gregory Murad Reis, Leonardo Bobadilla and Ryan N. Smith

Rapid Qualification of Mereotopological Relationships using Signed Distance Fields
René Schubotz, Christian Vogelgesang and Dmitri Rubinstein

Development of a Generic and Configurable Fuzzy Logic Systems Library for Real-time Control Applications using an Object-oriented Approach
Abel Hailemichael, Solomon Gebreyohannes, Ali Karimoddini, Kaushik Roy and Abdollah Homaifar
Slate Room
18:00-19:00Poster Session
Session Chair: Atefeh Mahdavi

Dynamic Area Coverage for Multi-UAV using Distributed UGVs: A Two-Stage Density Estimation Approach
Senthilnath J., Harikumar K. and Suresh S.

Optimal Trajectory and Schedule Planning for Autonomous Guided Vehicles in Flexible Manufacturing System
Atefeh Mahdavi and Marco Carvalho

Reliable navigation planning implementation on a two-wheeled mobile robot
Pierre-André Crépon, Adina Marlena Panchea and Alexandre Chapoutot

Towards A Robot Hardware Abstraction Layer (R-HAL) Leveraging the XBot Software Framework
Giuseppe Francesco Rigano, Luca Muratore, Arturo Laurenzi, Enrico Mingo Hoffman and Nikos Tsagarakis

Lurch: the Social Robot that can Wait
David Claveau and Stormon Force

Collective Behavior Acquisition of Real Robotic Swarms using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Toshiyuki Yasuda and Kazuhiro Ohkura

Estimating the Operation of Unknown Appliances for Service Robots using CNN and Ontology
Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Yosuke Osaki, Ming Ding, Jun Takamatsu and Tsukasa Ogasawara
19:30-21:30ReceptionCrystal Ballroom